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The daughter of our father

The pride of our land

The source of our happiness

Your name resonate the earth

As the Ega river overflow its bank

To wash your feets


The beauty of your being

Beautify the lands of your children

The Igala-mela

You are its beauty


Before thy presence

Stood a tree under which

I shed oceans

From the pains and sorrow

And I swamp in it

The river of your offspring’s doings


At inachalo

The home of victory

There, the strayed children

Of your sons and daughters

Devour one another

There is a land

Where cockroaches rule over chicken


Under the tree

Of my father’s youth

I hear the songs – Iga bird sang

Reminding us

Of your beauty

Which your offspring sold

Sold to the cockroach

That now rules over chickens


The moon and the sun are not real

Life and death isn’t either

The breeze can blow as it desires

Even the rain too

Not sleeping and dreaming isn’t real either

Like the flashes of lightening

Everything changes

Humans too

Real is you

when I dream

And when I am awake

You are the only thing that’s real

You are the same in both world

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