Vulture Of Democracy

Who trust them

Those who came like dove

And became a vulture overnight

Trust not a being

That has feelings

Of human’s sufferings

The suffering of teeming millions

Hungry, naked, sick

Yearning, pleading, wailing


Who trust them

Trust not a being

But a beast he watched grew

Thinking he won’t be eaten by it

He trust the false pretense

Of earthen gods and water goddess

Who promises wealth

But are themselves poor


Who trust them

Those who sees yellow as white

And white as red

Is like a goat trusting

Its master not killing it

Since he is well feed

On its arrival


Who trust them

Those who came crying

Empty, without a thing

And left rejoicing

With every of your thing

Without a remainder

Who trust them

The vulture of democracy


tears of sorrow


Inikpi the apple of my father’s eyes

Scared and shivering

From the stamping of feets

And the running of war horses

My six feet mansion shakes

And the silent coziness of my abode

Says my house is on fire

I can hear voices

Of my sons and daughters

Clear as the chirping of a cricket

On a lonely night

I am somewhere yet everywhere

Like the wind and sky

I am with my sons and daughters

Like the wind that just passed

I have been forgotten

Yet with them all the time

I am on the roads to every district

I am sitting in the heart of every hamlet

But I am unnoticed

If I turn here, their hatreds burns me

If I turn there, their evil beats me

Like the cloud is for the sky

This kind of pain is only for me

The Inachalo river

Keep drying off

Because every tears in my eyes

Comes from therein

Beneath it lies my tears of sorrow

That keep dripping away

All father

All father father of my fathers

the rock from which all sands are weathered from

the tree thats bears all fruits

the river who source all rivers 

the star whose light illuminate other stars 

the source and originator of all


i stand before thee 

oh all father 

i stand before thy presence 

with my knife sharpen

and my chicken strangled

i stand before thy presence 

with my water poured unto the earth

and my grains spread 
all father 

my mother had said never to whistle in the night

not even during the virgin sunset

but i did

she said never pound yam in a mortar by a single hand

nor allow the yam to touch the ground 

but i went against it as well 
she said my broom should never touch another mortal 

nor give another mortal broom hand in hand 

i disobedied as well 
all father 

one whose eyes penetrate tomorow and next 

one whose power is known everywhere 

i stand before thee 

with an egg and a palm oil, your favourite
all father 

i felt so ashamed that i have done another one again 

i walked over a man whose legs were wide spread

i crossed a man lying on the earth
all father 

i stand before thee 

as a humbled and resented servant

forgive me

forgive me this one more time and make for me my heart 

the heart of a true believer
all father 

these are my pleas 

youre all hearing and all seeing 

forgive me 

oh mighty one…  


The first time we meet, it was her smile i noticed first. Her unhesitant and non-stop smiles made my soul to fly. I was staring at her like a fool but what do i care? For that moment in which i would have stopped time if i could, i was the happiest man on earth. When she stops and began moving towards me, my head grew as though the crown of David was placed on it. I felt like i was floating in the air and i began to see the moon even in the afternoon. The second time i saw her smiles again was while we were in a lecture. She came and sat beside me and it was as though a chill water was poured over my body and soul. I felt blessed and fortunate to be sitted with an angel. This time, i tried as much as i could to steal her gaze but she was too serious with her studies. She listened so attentive to the lecture as though it was her last class on earth. Lost in the land of wonders, i sat where i was gazing at her without remembering i was in a lecture hall. Everyone made fun of me but i was happy i could see the moon in the afternoon. The third time i was to see her smile was a day after, i stood by the door waiting for her to enter. I wanted to greet her, chat with her, and probably have a chance of seeing her beautiful smiles all alone without everyone interfering. I stood there lost and devastated. No single soul came, only later someone came and gave me a terrible news. Someone was dead and it was my moon. She had asthma attack and died after…. She was my moon, the light that brighten my darkness!


You came into my heart
Whenever i needed you
As i travel many miles away
To the street of your memories
Where all beauties lies
You are the cloud
I am the dry earth
Your presence brings rain
You don’t stay long
Your short moments meant
A million year
The journey of my dryness stops
At your door step
what else do i need?
Youre a medicine for all sickness

My survival belongs to you
With you i bear fruits
whenever you around
My dreams turns reality

my moments free like birds
it flies
A day without your presence
In my heart i become nothing
But an empty whole…

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