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The daughter of our father

The pride of our land

The source of our happiness

Your name resonate the earth

As the Ega river overflow its bank

To wash your feets


The beauty of your being

Beautify the lands of your children

The Igala-mela

You are its beauty


Before thy presence

Stood a tree under which

I shed oceans

From the pains and sorrow

And I swamp in it

The river of your offspring’s doings


At inachalo

The home of victory

There, the strayed children

Of your sons and daughters

Devour one another

There is a land

Where cockroaches rule over chicken


Under the tree

Of my father’s youth

I hear the songs – Iga bird sang

Reminding us

Of your beauty

Which your offspring sold

Sold to the cockroach

That now rules over chickens


The pain that our hearts holds

the distance we have to cover

to find peace

would but only decrease

If You and I would unite


like the rainbow

shooting out

in the virgin sunset

The atmosphere would become really beautiful

If You and I would unite


Without You I can’t find peace

like a traveler lost and dejected

I can’t find rest

i am an ocean wide and long

but there isn’t a current


As love is incomplete, the world seems incomplete

Come and fulfil my wishes

the unity that the world would longed for

The heart just desires

That our love story becomes complete


All the difficulties would become easy

If You and I would unite

There’s nothing left

still the heart doesn’t heed to me

The talks of the heart can only

be understood by itself

May we meet someplace, someday

I’m alive only on this hope

I would accomplish all ambitions

If You and I would unite

Under the tree

where my father spent his childhood

climbing and jumping

like a matured toad

towards the mother dust

i listened to

the iga bird sing

the song of wisdom

my mother sang putting me to bed


my father said

the dabobo from the east

brings good luck

to children who adore their presence


under the tree

that father saw paradise

i loll while

taking a moment from the fountain

left untouched and unscrambled


i remembered

how we sang dabobo dabobo

the song of paradise

that we sang every morning

and the whistling songs of iga

that signifies joy and happiness


like the question

where is God

under the tree of fountain

i asked the question

that got no answer

where is our dabobo and iga

the sign of every child’s joy

From the pages of the past

Like the legs of egwu

Responding to the rhythmic sound of the drum

My pen dances on the paper

While collecting from the fountain

The memory that was once precious


Like the sandy soil

Soiled and moist

After a heavy down pour

My eyes swamp in tears


What was there

And what was not there

Is but only a thing now


Like a mirage ahead of a traveler

You stood somewhere far but near

And disappear before my reach


From the pages of the past

My heart reads out

The story that was once a diamond

And sacred

What was once there

And what was not there

Is but only a thing now


Like the legs of egwu

My pen dances

Writing from the fountain of memory

Who trust them

Those who came like dove

And became a vulture overnight

Trust not a being

That has feelings

Of human’s sufferings

The suffering of teeming millions

Hungry, naked, sick

Yearning, pleading, wailing


Who trust them

Trust not a being

But a beast he watched grew

Thinking he won’t be eaten by it

He trust the false pretense

Of earthen gods and water goddess

Who promises wealth

But are themselves poor


Who trust them

Those who sees yellow as white

And white as red

Is like a goat trusting

Its master not killing it

Since he is well feed

On its arrival


Who trust them

Those who came crying

Empty, without a thing

And left rejoicing

With every of your thing

Without a remainder

Who trust them

The vulture of democracy

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