I sat in front of my desk whispering to myself, I need to get my life together, I need to get my life together! I have always stopped to think every moment of my life about the many things I would need to acquire, how many goals I would achieve and most importantly, if I would even live long to bear kids, until I paused to think, why not live the moment, be happy and develop myself instead. I am a pretty sensitive woman and I know I am not alone in this dilemma. A lot of us out there are, maybe some just hide theirs under a cloak of defiance and a pretend ability of not being aware of every situation around them. I am not a relationship expert and I have no basic marriage experience, but from what I have seen, heard and observed, I want to share a little gist with you all.

Who is a female? A lot of people may have different assertions to this word, some sensible, some justifiable, some poor and lacking and some just in between. We ourselves, most of the time do not even know what or who we are, because of influence from factors like society, family, peers, psychology and trends.

Apart from the total comprehension of a female being a being crafted biologically to birth, and care, there are other hidden qualities that we may have buried under the rubbles of self- doubt, gluttony, weakness, and selfishness. As creatures of vanity, we need frequent polishing and adornments to keep up and stay lit. Even though the world today has made an attempt to squish that gentility and calm from women, we still hope to bring it back someday, a little bit not too late though.

Today women work like their fathers, bear burdens like their fathers, shoulder responsibilities too heavy and carry about their feminine flaws too, all of these beneath the fear that they may not ever be able to catch up with their male counterparts. The other side of this is that, apart from tackling responsibilities like our fathers, we now behave like men too, putting our egos first, forgetting that we were not built to be like them. I know a man out there who will murmur, ‘who sent them anyway?’ but let us forget about this man.

Man was created all flawed, and drunk with desire to rule over generations. From the creation stories we heard, man was created first and his longing for a partner and companionship pushed forth the creation of the female. Us!

But who exactly is a female, she is the emblem of strength, the element that complements the male, his kryptonite, the one with many emotions and heaps of mood swings with the super woman ability to control them and also blessed with the gift, to give a man that uplift that makes him feel like a king, from making him feel like her hero, to fueling his ego to keeping him upright, to listening to him lecture her about issues that she’s already knowledgeable about, that’s her duty and she functions excellently when treated with respect afterwards because after all a king does respect his subjects, looks out for them and does not exploit their loyalty as many men do today.