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What do you keep your mind preoccupied with?

Someone mentioned to me the other day, that the world was full of loopholes and that no solution has been offered to amend these glaring state of incompleteness and questionable charades of life and everything that it brings.

Okay! All of these might sound like mere chatter, but in every chatter there’s a hint of truth only this truth comes with a bit of noise and most times stings. I am a youngster, just out of my teens, holds a degree in Mass communication, both parents still alive and together, healthy, three square meal, adequate pocket money given to me by my old retired father every month so you see, I have a lot to be grateful for, you also have a lot to be grateful for.

Most times the things that end up killing us is excessive want, we want and value things so much that we only consider and focus on outside the box.

We all want to pick the heaviest, shimmery, and glittery trunk hoping that perhaps we might find something valuable to help jet shoot us up on our way to success.

 We rush, we think, we stress until we become drained of useful energy, just because we are attracted to outward appearance, with time we lose focus on the things we want and everything goes blank.

One certain occurrence baffled me till this moment, I lost a friend almost the same age as I am, and I was hurt and cried for days, all I could think about were times we talked about finding prince charming, finishing school, getting a job and having kids.

 Sounds fulfilling right? But all this time we never stopped to listen, now this made me stop and listen, do you hear that tick tock sound? That is time running its head off. I am saying this as an awareness to myself and others like me, use what you can, morally and legally of course, for time is not on our side and life isn’t either.

Consider your failure as stepping stones to life, set them up and use them to gain that careful leap that you wanted to take before without looking. 

The first times may have been total wrecks, mistakes caused by naïve choices, but dust yourself up because this means that right now you are back at the other side of the fence, but this time better, stronger and wiser. Sometimes remorse and self loathe may cost us the ability to sense the progress we have made. Is there tears in your eyes every night? Does your heart thump excessively when you feel like making another try? Do you fear that things might not work out like they should? That everything would go wrong again? 

Well, you are not alone and you may be right! That’s where the whole point of forgiving yourself comes into play. Move on! Whatever is holding you down is all in your mind. There are people out there who are strong willed and may still never be as comfortable as you are. No matter how little you possess.

Every morning, on my way to school, I admire the strength of these young people like me, selling on traffic, chasing after cars, tolerating snares and sharp stares from passengers and drivers as well. But their belief in the goal they want to achieve for that day doesn’t let them stop, and no matter how intense the heat of the sun gets they never stop running! They never get tired of shoving biscuits, snacks, sweets or soft-drinks at your face and they never will. Their only shame would be never meeting up with the day’s aim. And the sweetest thing is that they are still there the next day on that same spot, shoving their products right at our faces. I see the hope that they might not see, and then I get this boiling feeling inside my stomach that pushes me, drives me to a point where I have to get myself out of my comfort zone, chest up and join the force.

This force I tell you is not the soft sofa landing force, but the hard rocky surface landing force, where you will be drilled alongside your subconscious to work! We owe the later generation a lot, it may seem hard because the resources may not be there but to make a well one has got to start digging! Not just surface digging but intense stratified digging that wears you out and increases the rate of our heart beat, until you begin to feel the wet soil and tricking of water.

Everyday requires some bit of mind exercise in order to challenge our inner demons. Eat clean, make friends and most importantly keep in mind that everybody is going through a phase in life. Let’s save the minds of youths today and remind everyone that every rose has its thorn, and had once been a seed inside the snow.