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I sat under one of the trees which was standing directly opposite my lodge and became more confuse. I couldn’t think straight. What really happened to Zee? My tears dripped down uncontrollably and I was shattered. I even forgot the fact that I had just resumed school. Even my belongings were outside. In my heart were feelings of guilt. I don’t why I had to be. 

From afar, I saw Saleh coming towards where I sat with my hands wrapped over my chest. Topa (Tofa)!!! He shouted, which I didn’t give more attention to. 

Saleh Zee is dead, I said but from the looks on his face it was clear enough to know it was no more a new news in the town. He was laughing and his expression changed abruptly as if angry with me. 

What is your matsala (problem) about her death? Forget about that girl jor. She was foolish walahi. He preached as I looked at him stunned and confused at a time. Foolish? How do you mean? I asked as if I could bring her back or turn the hand of time if he explain what he meant by her being foolish. He looked at me for some moments and then he began:

The plight of Zee started about three years ago as far as I could remember. That night was a hit for all of us, you know am an indigene so I mostly roam about the town sometimes mostly in the night. That day I was looking for high (cannabis) and I was out of cash so I decided to go from club to club until I finally caught up with one. Though it wasn’t really a club, it was Mariam’s birthday celebration and being a prostitute she was, there was no way she could celebrate without such things involved, so I decided to go there with a friend. It was there I met Zee for the fifth time. You know I always tell you I used to like her before (I nodded in affirmation). 

Every expression on her face shows she was new to everything that was happening. Zee was a modest girl but how she ended up with Mariam still remain a mystery to all of us till date. From her mode of dressing, it was enough to tell she wasn’t there for the party because she was fully dressed in Hijab unlike everyone in skimpy dresses that almost exposed their body parts. She sat close to the door leading to Mariam’s room which was a little distance away from where we were having the party. Because I was interested in her, I didn’t lose a single glimpse of her presence. Each passing moments and seconds were all in my knowledge. 

It was getting too late, when the worst was beginning to happen. You know parties, (demonstrating with his hands as if I had idea of what he was talking about) people must misbehave with girls. People getting drunk and others making out rowdily. The light was dull and I began to search for Zee but it was already late when I founded her. She lay on the ground and all I could hear from her was:

Allah Ya’isa (God will punish you).

Her voice was too low and she could barely stand on her own legs. What is wrong Zee? I asked but she could only muster the energy to say same sentence as before. By this time, I need no prophet to tell me the drink given to her was mixed with some hard drugs. She was crying and inconsolable. It was clear enough she was raped as blood dripped down her legs as I carried her home on my two hands.

About last two months ago while we were on holiday, because she was diminishing a lot and her frequent complain of headache she was force to the clinic where it was confirmed she was HIV positive. But it was too clear she wouldn’t make it due to her condition. She was also having ruptured kidney.

No one really believed her until few days to her death when she told everyone she knew about her HIV status about two years back but she couldn’t tell anyone due to the shame and stigma behind it, which made it difficult for her to get the management drugs. Thus, her predicaments.

I listened to Saleh with my heart boiling as though I were a frying pan on wire. Zee was gone forever. 

Rest on Zee… Till we meet to part no more.

The truth are but ache in the hearts of the liers…….

Truth and reality.