As I was about entering my room a loud wailing came out of one of the rooms and my heart paused. In a split second, my heart began to beat heavily against my chest and it quaked. I went towards where the wailing was coming from only to meet Zahra’u aunt bathing herself in tears. I became confuse as confusion may be. I couldn’t understand a thing at all. What is happening and why she seems to be the only one showing the highest sign of pain I don’t know either. If she sits she stood and when help to sit she would lie on the ground. Her rapper was torn and her hair which she hardly leaves uncover were uncovered and ruffled.  Seeing her and her condition made my eyes wet. I stared directly at her and as if I were the one she had been waiting for she paused for a moment and her wailing increases again, but this time pointing one of her fingers at me. 

“She was asking of him”  “She was asking of him” “She was asking …….” She continued same statement several time without number until she was helped to calm down. I was still confuse and didn’t know what to do. Asking of me? I whispered slowly. 

“ta aka tambayar Ba-hausa kafin ta mutu(she was asking of Ba-hausa before she died)” 

 Immediately I heard mutu, my heart struck my chest so hard that I couldn’t breathe for some few moments. Dead? What happened? Is it accident? No one answered me either. My heart was shattered and couldn’t believe my ears. How could Zahra’u die so soon? Why does it have to be her? 

I leaned towards the door leading to her aunt room and my eyes became clouded with tears. My heart was burning; the plight by now was like bush fire blazing through forest flogged by a heavy harmattan. 

I raised my eyes towards her aunt and our gaze melted into one another. I looked at her and she continued to stare at me too. Her eye ball became big like that of a toad and she sat up straight with her legs which she shakes uncontrollably wide spread. 

“Allah zai azabta Mariam (God will punish Mariam)”

She said as her saliva was dripping down her bloated lips. Why has Mariam got to do with her death? I queried myself but couldn’t figure out a thing. As for mariam, she was a renowned whore, a first class one.  I went out of the room sluggishly and made my way out of the compound. Someone has to tell me about this death, I murmured out of the sorrowful crowd. Some were just looking at me, maybe wondering how her death could inflict such pain in my heart. No, I shouted. There must be an explanation to these riddles, Mariam, whore, and my Zahra’u. this is a dream, I shouted.