The time was almost sun set, the call to prayer (The Muslim Adhan) was made by a man from whose voice one could tell he never attended a better Islamiyya (Islamic studies) but was given the position due to his age or better put, as a show of respect. Sincerely speaking I hated the fact that no one could correct his manner of his approach towards the call to prayer. Before I could finish with the ablution, they had already started praying. I hurried up with it, for I knew the prayer would be over in two to three minutes.

The funniest thing about the imam was that he was only good at saying countless of Allahu Akbar which he was never tired of. 

Few moments later, the prayer was over. The imam faced the congregation. My eyes penetrated through the space between two the person sitting directly opposite him and our gazes melt into one another. It was very visibly clear I was different from everyone due to my mode of dressing especially the fact that I wore a face cap. 

He folded his legs and raised his rosary or tesbi up so as everyone could see and started reciting what no one hears but only sees how violent the upper jar was to the lower one. His bears were combining in colours ranging from dirt, that is brown, and black and white colour. 

The imam was neither fat but extremely slim in nature. He raises his hand and started praying again. I was surprise as everyone continued to shout ameen even when they had no idea what he was praying about exactly. This made me almost burst out of laughter as I had to run out of the mosque before I create a scene there.

Immediately I opened the gate to my lodge, I saw something that I couldn’t believe my own eyes.

“What are you doing” I snapped

I, for a moment became speechless with shock. Zahra’u was only smiling. I only wanted to help she said laying the last cloth on the line. I became stupid that I didn’t even thank her. I was just too shock that our little joke became something serious. 

That night when so much began and so many things changed forever in my heart. Zahra’u’s name was edge in my heart. I must go and thank her. I left for outside and many thoughts ran riot in my mind as I take every step of mine. 

“Zee” I shouted as she ran out of her room hurriedly as if been pursued…..