​You all know the tiny lightweight small pin charger that has become an integral part of our daily life. We have all used the small pin charger at one point or other in time. Infact, I dare say that your current phone uses a small pin charger for charging.

Right from the days of Nokia torchlight and 3310, the small pin charger has been holding sway. The Chinese phones that were dumped into the Nigerian market in the early 2000s all used small pin chargers for charging the batteries.

Those days if you wanted to buy a charger at a phone accessories shop, you would be asked by the salesperson;

“Small pin or big pin?”

“Give me small pin!”

The small pin charger is still king today. When your battery has run down and you find yourself in an office, a shop or church and there’s power supply, you would quickly whip out your phone and ask:

“Please do you have a small pin charger? I want to charge my phone”

At your local hair barbing saloon, there is always that one person looking for a small pin charger.

When you finally find a small pin charger to plug in your phone, your heart is filled with joy.

The small pin charger reigns supreme in secondary school and universities.

“Guy, abeg make I use your small pin, I jus wan get one bar for my fone”

When someone steals someone’s small pin charger, world war III starts.

“Who took my small pin charger? I kept it here!”

“Who unplugged my phone and took away my small pin?”

The small pin charger is so popular because we all have that tiny and old weather beaten phone with durable batteries that we carry around for the purpose of making calls. So while we flaunt and play with our sleek Android, Apple and Windows Os devices, we reserve a special place in our hearts for the small pin charger.

Don’t under-estimate the usefulness of the small pin charger. It can be used to initiate conversations. Yes, a guy can use the small pin charger to ‘toast’ and chyke a babe.

All he has to do is to walk up to her and ask, “Please do you have a small pin charger, I want to charge my phone”

From her response, if he is smart enough he could extend the chat and walk away with her phone number.

I love my small pin charger, I don’t know about you.

But a guy must be wary because there are instances where having a small pin charger is undesirable and leads to unpleasant consequences.

You would just be minding your business, scrolling up and down on your phone when a young lady walks into the room and sits beside you. A good friend of yours, you would start chatting with her. In a short while, you notice that she is getting too close for comfort. Her hands are all over your body, groping you like Donald Trump groping one of his beauty queens.

“What are you doing? Stop touching me. You have a fiancé! Do you want to cheat on him?”

“Oh, I broke up with him last month”


“He has a small pin charger and cannot charge my battery fully”


“So why are you here?”

“I was told that you have a big pin charger…”

“What? Who told you that?!”

“Please charge my battery with your big pin!” She pleads as she throws herself at you…

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