When you hate something
When you are tired of something
When you’re pissed off cos of something
You tends to be blind towards it… Even if it is before you, you won’t be able to see it cos you have already blinded yourself from seeing it.

Just open your eyes, don’t dwell in the past just create your new world where no memory of past can come visiting
You have to let it go, those past that are holding u back
Those moments that are like injuries to your dear heart

Some of us don’t or fail to realise that that happiness, that joy, that love which we seek is deep within us but we something fail to look deep inside of ourselves
We become slaves to our own self if we don’t let go of the past. Our life is our possessions and not those crazy people who came to dirty and maltreat it…
We tend to cry and dwell in those past memories because we thought they will last forever those days when we had it.
Knowing that what is yours is yours and what isn’t isn’t yours is the best remedy to our every heart problems.
When I was small, I and a cousin brother lost a five hundred naira note on our way back from an errand
He cried his eyes out but I didn’t cry a single drop of tears.
Not because I wasn’t angry or bittered but because I knew crying wouldn’t help in any case.
I knew deep down within me that the only thing that was useful was to ponder over the incident that led to the misfortune so that next time I wouldn’t fall victim of such…
Many a time many crazy things have occurred and most people will resort to calling me a heartless person.
Am term such because I hardly wail over what have missed me or what I have lost.
Why would I cry? Why would I be bittered cos someone break my heart when I truly love her or him wholeheartedly?
Instead they should be the one crying for losing such a beautiful heart.
Your Life is like a flower in your garden.
The people in your life are like the seasons in life.
Sometimes they rain on your flowerand it blossom and at other times they deprived it of rain and other needed things like shades, sun and air itself.
To have a beautiful life, you must never depend on anyone.
Have your source of your needs including love from within yourself
Become your own sun, your own rain and shades. Let no one deprive you of your joy…
Your life its yours and no ones else’s. Live life. Love all. Keep no grudges.