It was very early in the morning… she was waiting, waiting for the day to break, but the moon was shinny, coming like a dead light, mixing with the early dawn, through the space between the earth and the atmosphere, the day was breaking silenty as if it would take a century; such was the manner of the awn that day.
In the midst of this; I saw someone on the dark platform. Even though it was very dimmy, I could see how the cloth was swaying as if it were in the air.
Assalamu alaykum (I said even though I wasn’t sure if the person were a muslim).
A gust wind blew the cloth off the strangers head. A GIRL!
The day had already become clearer.  Dark black, but little eyes. Her hair was full and thick as she left them uncovered.
Hello! Did you miss the night bus too? What is your name? where are you going? Her answers were nothing. When she stood up, staring at me straight in the eyes. Her looks were full of magic and my heart beats faster against my chest. It was so violent that I could hear its beating.
All of a sudden, as if pearls were falling, she says something but I didn’t hear it. What did you say? (I said moving closer)  Tea please! (she said as if scared of me)
I got her tea and she was still silent. I stared at her and it was if I had not seen a girl before. I didn’t know why I was misbehaving. How could love happen this weird? Am I crazy? Those were questions running riot in my head. I couldn’t stop stealing a gaze at her as well.
Few moments later, the park became filled up with people and cars. Could you please tell me your name? she was still silent but her eyes were cloudy, yet I didn’t give up. My wouldn’t give up either.
In a split second, she stood up and walked closer to a driver. I turned my face away, facing down as if counting the stones or discussing with some sets of insects. Abruptly, the man roared.
Do you think we run a charity home here? Get out of my face please!
I turned and in front of the man, she knelt. She was begging and sobbing.  I couldn’t bear it. It was as if I was in a frying pan being fried. The pain in my heart was hell. I knelt in front of her and everyone turned and stared at us. I raised her head and her eyes were moistening with tears. 
I can bear your silence but I cant bear to see your tears, not a single one drop. (I said staring at her).
I didn’t know what had come over me. Tears roll down my cheek too.
Why am I even crying?
It was like a charm or perhaps magic. Why I had become like this in a moment I could not fathom.  She was begging the driver to help her because her money wasn’t enough.
Today is going to be different; Tofa is going to make your table turn. Stay here and wait for me a little longer, I said running towards the road to stop a motorcyclist.
I need to go to an ATM, I said humping the bike without wasting a second.  I collected the bike because I wasn’t satisfied with the speed and from one ATM machine to another we went till I got money.
On reaching the park, she was already inside one of the bus, about to move. She looked at me straight in the eyes as I dropped five thousand Naira notes on her lap and she extended her hand giving me a note which she had written.
The person I loved the most drugged me three months ago and impregnated. When I discovered am pregnant, I decided to leave home. I can’t bear to disgrace my family. My name is HADI. Please forget me and forget love because nothing as painful as love.
I watched the bus until it went out of sight and Hadi too left me like a wind without any direction or any known destination.
That day Hadi became a household name…… Pls is love that painful too? Don’t just read, please comment as well.