I am demeaned and disregarded because I am a woman.
I am expected to be weak and vulnerable.
They tell me “a woman is not suppose to be difficult but soft and submissive”.
The society expect me to tolerate the insults and abuse because of the so called notion
that “women are the weaker sex”.
Men trample upon women and it’s seen as a normal thing.
Today he sent me packing because I stood up for my rights.
I could see scowls on the face of my parent.
” Have you forgotten you are a woman?” my father asked.
My mother added” you must go back crawling on your knees and seek his forgiveness.
” That I am female doesn’t make me slave to a man.
Marriage is not slavery.
Weakness is not for women and superiority is not for men,
anyone can choose to be either of the two.
Men and women are equal and men only highlight their ignorance by claiming to be superior.
I am not going to beg because it is not for women only.
The society is what  make women appear weak even though they are not.

Men should not mistake respect for fear and religious obligations done by women should not be mistaken as the rights of men.
Men and women are equal even if they fight different battles…………………………………
adapted from Freedah’s diary