So far away
But everything seems so near
So much light
Yet all I see is darkness
There is so much joy
Yet all I feel is sadness
Everyone is laughing
But I am still crying
I don’t know what this is
No one knows either
To be happy and be sad at a time
Please tell what i am
Please tell me
Tell me the story I need to hear

So far away
But everything seems so near
I am laughing
Yet a lot of tears are dripping
Lost in a world
A world of no one but myself
A world where nothing except myself exist

So far away but everything seems so near
Whether its a dream
Or a reality
I don’t know
And no one knows too
I have become a myth
But to myself
Even though I want to forget it
It has been impossible
I can’t forget this nature
And I can’t move forward either.

I have become like a pendulum bob
Moving to and fro
But returning to where it all began
Which ever journey I embark
Which ever route I take
There is only one destination for me
Where I started from

So far away
But everything seems so near
Should I let go or
Should I let it be?
Please tell me what I must do
What should I do
To know what I am becoming