I do not really know the best way to start writing these feelings of mine. These new strange feelings, that has stolen me of my heart. These new feelings that have imprison me in something that the ink alone wouldn’t be able to write even though it wanted to.
I laid on the big sofa in the sitting room and behold on my palms were two pictures. My hands shake every second as though I was beaten by the rain that fell over the last night.
I tried to reason with my crazy heart but it wouldn’t listen. What is this new feeling all about, I couldn’t tell. I was like a traveler with a known destination, but in my destination there were two homes which I crazily want to be in at a time. Law of nature wouldn’t permit such!
Over the years, I have heard stories of love and have witness people cry for love, mostly ladies but never have I ever imagine such could be my case in time to come. I looked straight into the dark screen of the big plasma television and my inflated eye balls could be seen clearly, with clouds of tears allover in it.
I looked at the picture of Harir on my left hand and I looked at that of Hadi on my right and walahi, I couldn’t tell which of them occupies my heart the most. I loved them equally!
I know this might sound weird or strange but its really true. Am in love with two women and I don’t even want to choose one because I can’t live without them. I cant lose any one of them.
I want the two of them all to myself.
Looking at Harir’s eyes, I could see the sun in my days and in the eyes of Hadi laid the moon in my night. Their laughter is the best music I have ever heard in my life. The voice, when any of them spoke, was a natural echo that suits the mind, body and soul.
Remembering Harir is like being on the path leading to paradise and the memories of Hadi was like being in the paradise itself. The smile alone makes my soul to fly.
How do I get over what I do not want to get over? Could this be real or am I dreaming? I don’t think anyone knows and I don’t know either. Whichever way I looked at it, which ever pattern I adopt, the answer is just one, I do not want to wake from this dream. I would dream till eternity if that’s what it takes to have HARIR and HADI in my life.