Its devastating and hurtful to watch yourself crumbled down from the higest of the high, to the lowest of the low
But what is more heartbreaking is to discover that someone out there is responsible for your downfall and you cant even react not even with a word.
Mabe God has made it so, so that we can rediscover the true identity which he had in stock for us
Success and happiness is when you take away the pain, sorrow, sufferings and those hurtful moments away and you still believe there is more to life than riches and wealth;
A sad moment is when you finally come face to face with the one who have made life hell for you only to discover you cant even hurt him. You just have to let go;
When crumbled down, another path with lots of opportunity opens for us, but most times, we lived in the past making us blind to see what was before us;
Often I have heard that paradise is the best destination, but each time I recall that all I wanted was to smile once again, I remembered that my paradise used to be my laughter
It is true that smiles can heal a broken heart. Whenever one is happy, he seems to forget which of the paradise, hell or earth he or she is living in.
Helping someone to attain high position in life isn’t an assurance that they would help you back when you need them the most. Don’t expect goodness in return from humans. Just do it as far as it is a good cause.
They are paths you’ve loved to take, destination you’ve loved to reach that you will never reach. But don’t be too blind to see the paths that is clear to everyone, your path to happiness
Never give up if you really want to shame the wrongful doers and those who make jest of you
Never give up if you really want to be happy
Success come to those who sacrifice their time and energy
To those who have made a lot of mistakes and learnt from them
To those who have a thousand reasons to be successful
To those who have the courage and ability to build trust again.
All it takes is a moment to fall;
A moment to be reduced to nothing
But it also takes that same moment to start something today
That same moment to make the right decision;
Don’t go for wealth;
Go for success and wealth will be yours forever!
Hope you find your path to success, that path that will make you happy, because in Happiness, the taste of a paradise is felt!