What a cruel world.
What a world of hierarchy.
What a world of separation.
What a world of tears
What a world of sorrows

Thinking about life and this world
Looking at everything in life
I begin to ask myself
Why were they created?

Why were they created,
Those children who have never felt the warmth of a mother?
Those children who have never felt the warmth of a family
Those children who have never experience mother’s love
Those children who never had that opportunity to call theirs by their names

Those children whose eyes are clouded with tears
Those children whose head are always clouded cos they couldn’t bear it anymore

They live in body presence but absent minded
They laugh yet in sorrow
Every movie on love reminded them of their lost
Family dramas are but nightmares to them

What they eat are but leftover food
What they drinks are but logged water
What they wear are but torn clothes
Where they sleep are but deserted uncompleted buildings

Yet we live in a house where our dogs have its own room
We eat and throw it away because we still have it
We wear and stop wearing cos the fashion trend has change

Are we really humans?
We divide ourselves on hierarchy
Yet we relate with same God
We step on same earth
We breath same air

Why do u call them this cruel name
Why do you have to categories them?
ORPHAN is not a name but an insult
Such insult that reminded them of what they are lacking

Care for them
Love them
Make them see the other beauties of the world.
The moment you do that, the name orphan will be erased from our world
And it will be forever!