The sun shone through the big windowpane, and some of its rays fell on my head too, when the memories i tried to forget came back knocking in my silent heart. The clock went tick-tock, and in the stillness it was as if someone on his bare feet was limping in the sitting room, then the wind took control over the curtains and whispering, and a sound like the pages of a magazine being turned over.
The day was a windy one. A dusty and whispering wind. Just few months later, i had only to close my eyes and still hear it like tiny fingers tapping on the windowpane. A car horned somewhere not too far, and however i tried to forget or move on, i couldnt.
The bed i was lying in seems not enough any longer as i turned to every angles. My head became so heavy as though i was carrying mount everest, and my hands were shaking as if they were not a single weight in them.
Hadi had broken up with me. How am i going to live without her? I was like a traveler and she my destination. I couldnt think straight and my head became clouded and eyes filled with tears. Why do you have to go my happiness? I shouted.
For a moment, my eyes began to glow and head was spinning as if following the earth in its rotation. My heart began beating against my chest, because of the stillness of the room, the sound of my heart beat could be heard like tick-tock of a wall clock. I wanted taking poison but i couldnt. I could never be peaceful in life and death, if i cant see her smiles even if it were just once. I cant die or live without her because i gave her all i was without remainder and she took everything without looking back.