Without a Voice
My grief is without any voice
Unheard, unsaid
This grief is unsaid and unheard

Who knows how long it will take
This grief that is silent

I don’t know, no one knows
What can I do?
When and why did this happen?

My eyes can’t bring out its tears
It is like an evaporation trapped in a pot

Somewhere, my heart is dying
My heart is adapting to it
But the heart beat is becoming silent

The pain can be felt through my every breath

Where ever I turn to
How ever I try to be
Grieving is all that is present

Why is a wave of sorrow always at my door step
Why has this world left me all to myself
Somehow my heart is accepting
My heart beat is becoming silent as well

I don’t know
No one knows
What can I do ?
When and why this is happening
I don’t know either

Coming out like the sunshine,
Or dropping like a leaking tap
How ever I try to be
All that was present was grief

When its seems normal
The moment stopped there
This heart is dying in silent
This grief is but without a voice….