She looks horrifying with the mask she wore lately.
I tried to free her from herself
but she seem to be far away.

She murdered who she used to be and deserted her home.
She is every definition of a house wife that is full of trouble
and ready to explode.
She became a desert where no one survives the heat.

Our love is at stake
and fighting is useless
because she has given up.
The rain fell heavily on me drowning every strength I had left
and death came calling.

Mae and Boo came to my rescue and I found solace with them.
The feeling I have with them is indispensable
and they are as plain as water
and sweeter than honey.

They are the sugar that sweetens all the kola on this planet…..
Pae is back
Unwilling to forgive and let go.

I can’t stick to an unforgiving heart
even if Pae means a lot.
I will swim in fresh waters with the family that cherish me.