Its all about Hadi…..
Isnt it?
all we have in life is just one day…

A day it takes to be successful
A day it takes to fall
A day it takes to die….

But the worst day is the day you fall from the highest point in life
To the lowest low…..

That at times could be unbearable.
It can bring out the devil in an angel. …
It makes one discover how devilish he could have been….

Whether luck or bad luck we keep wishing others luck.
Its painful destiny and life don’t know it can be devastating.

Life is just nothing but life itself..
Living in foul environment……

I have said it time without number
How my grief is without a voice

How this journey seems to have no destination
I have searched for happiness
I have even scrub everywhere

Where on earth have i not searched for it
But it all comes to nothing

But why cant life feel this pain its inflicting

The tears i have oceaned out of my inflames eyes is without measure

The first time it was like a joke
Now it has become more than seriousness

Once i couldnt take it
But now am drenched in it

This sorrow that is with out a voice
I know it won’t last enough

which ever way it takes, the journey is a must..
one must complete it..
And all that is needed is Hadi

Yes Hadi…

Hadi will take me away
Far away from sorrow and pain
Yes Its all about