I threw myself on the concrete floor and removed my scarf.
I wish I could turn the hand of time as the earth began to rotate.
Many thoughts ran riot in my clouded head
My heart began to beat violently against my breast
I felt the blood flowing through my veins freezing,my eyes began to bleed.
My heart became heavier than a rock and the sweat pouring all over me could flood an ocean.
The doctors can not heal me because all my systems has failed.
My temperature rose above normal,
I had to enter the deep freezer i said, when I came face to face with monster that has been tormenting my life.
As he reached for me,I ran to the living room and raised my hand to take an oath before the monster stopped me.
I knew he wanted my life so I started cursing and reigning abuses on Him.
“I gave you everything and you took everything from me,
you shattered my dreams and destroyed my life, making me an object of mockery.
You are crazier than the craziest man in the market.
“Did I just call this monster a man”?

I blame my plight on love,
Not this monster standing before me.

“Why can’t monsters be faithful?”
The monster infected me with AIDS and his lover ate my four children.
I desire more than this madness.
I have no reason to live
And the monster can’t die, for it will live long to destroy the lives of women like myself…..
My head spins as I explode and found myself with invincible people.