On bended knees she prayed
Like an acrobat, her eyes were deeply closed.
pressed together were her fingers together
All I heard was whispers.
Staring at her i pondered
What was she saying? I asked myself
Faith is the alcohol
Driving my friend insane.
Smiling, she began
And tears rolled down from her eyes.
Has she lost her mind?
I asked myself.
She got up and hugged me
pressing me so tight;
Discomfort I felt.
I believe in God
And I believe in his miracles.
She said smiling
I took a close look at her
And sat on the bed staring at her gesticulating round the room.
Annie! she called, “it is done and God has answered our prayers”.
Bemused i became.
Did you see God”? Did HE tell you it is done”?
She laughed hysterically and said I believe.