Oh! This idiot is coming again. Not again this time. No! The lizard does not ask a toad for a sit when he knows the toad himself is squatting. This man who stole himself of his gender. His head as tiny as that of a bird. His pot belly which is contrast to his smallish head was bouncing as he walks furiously out of the opened gate. His upper jar was in violence with the lower one. It was clear he was chewing some Kola. His hair unkept and his ruffled Jalabia couldn’t resist the early morning breeze either. I stood by the gate thinking what kind of a man would leave his family as early as 7.00am and start gossiping here and there!
How can a man fill the tank of his car and begin to move 4rm house to house all in the name of gossiping. Its seems gossiping has become a breakfast for this cartoon. In which land does the goat play the role of the chicken, in which land was the singing in the night done by the lizard?
How did we meet, i couldn’t figure it out either. Goat and Ram are never friends. Yes all these does not and will not happen wen i still take in air. I think my eyes needs to be shined. In the days of my father Ant does not visit Rat to discus life and gossip. No! It is high time i stand up and see what is coming before it is too late.
I have not seen where a Lion runs from a Goat. No its impossible!  Tofa! you must stop what is coming, for a goat that died in a yam barn didn’t die of a hunger but foolishness. they must be another road to this river. I can’t take this anymore. This gossip and his friendship will end today… Yes today….