When one begins to experience love, betrayal, sadness or loneliness, he becomes something else. Most times, a good writer or discover a talent that he or she never had. When such person becomes a writer, his eye not only sees but also does the work of the brain. The pen takes the place of his or her heart as most of his problem is let go through writing. His hand becomes the mouth and tongue that pour out those things that refuses to let itself out. Most times it is loneliness that brings such talents.
At times one is being called a saddest for just being lonely. The world has the ability to hear your stories and your complaints but no one is really ready to take a step to cure you of your situation which has turn to sickness.
Some people don’t really know what loneliness is and how dangerous it is. Loneliness is perhaps not something flaunted. Its perhaps an aching that is within…. A terrible aching that refuses to heal and turned into deep wound…   One try to reason with his crazy heart but it won’t just listen. You become alone in a crowd. Poor in affluence and sad even in happiness. You begin to search for happiness which seems far from existence in your life.
Often, happiness isn’t laughing and smiling. Most people smile and laugh just to comfort themselves.  Life sometimes is shade and sometimes sunshine for a normal person but life, to a lonely person is a tragedy beyond measures.
This tragedy is so heavy that you hide in your own self. Many a name would be given to you. Many will blame you for not being normal. No one really cares why you are as you are.
Life can be boring though. People also are deceitful. Friends they say are important. It is said they make life beautiful. How can one choose wisely? How can one even approach friendship when he is afraid of betrayal? Living a life with no one to share tears with is more than sorrowful. Each and every of the day that break, you try to be protective of your emotions, which in turn can as well make you selfish. How would you love if you are afraid of getting hurt? You won’t know you are selfish until some persons get very close to breaking that protective wall of yours.  Hmmm somehow life goes on we begin to search for love. We want to be loved and cared for. But how can a lonely person get this love?
Yea! We are human and is our nature to love and hate. It becomes so disheartening when someone falls for you and you can’t even show a bit step to prove you do really care. You become a man with few words. You’re a novice to love because your life was lived in a world of no one but yours alone.
You regret the fact that you’re a grown up. Being a kid would be much better for your loneliness. Infancy was like paradise to you as adulthood is hell.
Your loneliness has only one cure. That cure is love.. either for God or human or both. Having someone to share your happiness and sadness with will no doubt heal your wound little by little. When you find such person who is ready to sacrifice everything for you, then such person is more beautiful than all. Hold on tight and never let go cos that which is here might never be tomorrow… love today and cure your illness….