I know you know am not perfect,but God knows that I will do my best every day to do right to u husby,I wll cherish u with every breath in my soul.

You are happiness and happiness is you.there is no start and no end,nothing with which I can measure the length and breath Of what I truly felt for you,I look at you every day and I wonder how deeply God must love me enough to give me a man who is a reminder of his undying love for me.

I never thought I would ever love a human being like I love my family.i wonder how amazing it was to love some body who wasn’t your flesh and blood so completely.I thank God for you.no greater love can a friend show to his friend than to die for him, and I will die for you a thousand times, over and over again,because you are my best friend,i love you sincerely,from the bottom of my hearth,I was scull to Love you,i was destined to love you,I will be your queen forever,i thank God for you,It doesnt matter any time in history,any era it would have been always you bcos it was meant to be you.

All my life I dream of loving a man who is good loving,kind,intelligent,and gentle you exceeded my dream isma’il  .although you’ve given me the gift of your hearth,i know now that your heart belongs to me.so I VOW;eternal love to you,eternal devotion for you,eternal strength for you,eternal growth with you,eternal stability by your side whether the sky brings sun,or rain.eternal commitment to be the best wife and best mother I could possibly be.


Yours Queen