As I stood before the mirror brushing my scattered hair, I began to notice things were becoming quite weird. My face used to be smooth, but today I noticed everything has changed. Pimples had taken all over my face. I was also grooming bears as well. All these are normal isn’t it? But don’t you think there is more to it than this is normal. The irony of life also crossed my mind. A would love B that doesn’t care an inch about him or her while B is here killing him or herself for C who is in love With D. Life isn’t that funny as some says it is.
I dropped the comb and bent my head and I sneezed in disappointment. Life is such a heartbreaking experience for those who see it completely. May be this is our punishment for eating the forbidding fruit in the paradise, I thought to myself.
I look back into the memory lane and remember those I lost to death; I begin to understand why time is so important. Still life could be a divesting irony, especially remembering we are living just to die any moment… #Butwhy
Why do we have to be created and killed? I thought foolishly. Have you not seen, heard or been told about other ironies of life?
There was this woman I used to know. She became a widow while she was pregnant for their Second son. Life became terrible afterward. She toiled day and night just to keep her children far away from hunger and thirst. What job has she not done to pay their(children) school fees? She cries to make sure they smiles. She sleeps on empty stomach to make sure the food was enough for them. She was dying in silence. She never complains a bit about their acting up. She struggled like that until the kids were both admitted in higher institution. But do they know what awaits them? Something that each and every one of us hate. They both died soon after. Just few month left for school to be over. But why? Why not die earlier and free the poor woman of this suffering? It’s painful to think about how this woman is also waiting for death..
Life could be a devastating irony, whenever I remember we are all living just to die any moment… #Butwhy?