e3d727f9-edcd-4a4c-9d9d-f8b8d97dc780Sometimes we human are the reasons for the problem around us. We havent tried anything. Not even a single step yet we conclude things to be impossible.we spend days planning and thinking about how things in many years we dont even know will come will be. We live in a fake world with fake friends around us, people who never and will never believe in you. We most times forget what really makes us happy.We all believe in many years to come we will be better perhaps happy! Who told you you will live to see tomorrow morning? Seize the day And do something great. Make yourself happy even if it is for one seconds. You will live to never Forget.
Another set back in our life is the spirit of impossibility. Our life is full of fear and listening to those who have little or no hope in life. They inculcate the habit and the believe that most things are impossible, forgetting the fact that if one search harder, he will find God himself. Whatever you seek is already within. Start searching today and I pray you find it.