It was another beautiful day in iyale. Every tree seemed young, every bird flying and singing their beautiful voices out, the wind made the trees dance irresistibly and the sky was neither clear nor was it cloudy but between the two. The raining season was almost over, lightening flashed and thunder roared. The panic was so high. Children were clapping and many youth holding green branches and leaves. I could smell the thieves being flogged on the road. This tradition is carried first before the punishment itself. This is the kind Baba is most antagonistic to. Soon, the sun came up. For the first time in many months the sun was very hot as it rises.
In a twinkle of an eye, the sky was so reddish as if someone was burning the whole world of iron in the atmosphere.
I stood on the bench so as to see the crowd well. The flooding feet of running youths and children sounded like a continuous stampede of horse in a war. I remained where I was and looked around if I can find any other small stool to add to my stands. There I stood with my hands folded on top of head and watched as the multitude of boys beat the hell out of the robbers. Among them was the “onu ebo”.
“onu ebo” or the chief priest of the locality, a man whose should be between 45-50years. His collar jutting, his head small which is in contrast to his pot belly. He wore only a short made of goat skin. He looked as if he was the darkest person on earth. It was as if he had not had his bath for years. The whole skin covered with hair and bulging eyes like toad. Even the limbs, all had no difference from that of a toad. His hand covered with healed blisters as if he were the one breaking the whole villager’s firewood house to house. The best description for him is just chimp. The more I looked at him; I see the fairy tale chimp.
More people hooted and raced by, while old men roll their bicycle. A man came by, who had all his belongings crammed into a homemade cart in the night and his home set ablaze for attacking the accused robbers. From the expression in his inflamed eyes, every step he took was painful. People just move on. All they wanted was justice. After a while, came a man with a long and heavy stick running towards the armed robbers. In his eyes one could see the atrocity they had done on him. He hit one of the thieves on the head and both collapse. Everyone seeing this began to run as this was turning violent. The screams continued and were joined by many more as women cry from every homestead. But nobody turned, until the three thieves lie lifeless in their own pool of blood.

I turned and continued to watch the fleeing people. No one cares about the thieves either. They left their body on the road. So many people would step on it and curse it so loudly that I could hear it clearly. These continue till light fade out in the evening.