Inspired by the song “I Miss You” by Blink182. Evan, the
person telling the story is trying to get over the fact that he
lost the love of his and he doesn’t even know why. One day,
at school, she just appears after he had started healing. This
changed his whole life around and realized how much he
really missed her.

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I walk down the street I live on and stop in front of
a bluish-green house. I look up and see the top left
window lit and a girl sitting in the window, talking
on the phone. I sigh and continue walking.
I eventually reach my house ten minutes later. I
walk across the lawn and up to the large black
door in the front of the house. I turn the doorknob
and, of course, it’s locked. And who doesn’t have a
key? Me. I lean my head against the door in
frustration. Can this day get any worse? I think to
myself as I walk around to the back.
Luckily, the back door is unlocked and I get inside
my gloomy house. I walk into our ridiculously huge
kitchen and turn on the lights under the cabinets. I
take off my baseball cap, a Christmas present
from my father, and set it on the counter. My
stomach starts to growl.
One of the things I hate about being a guy is that
I’m hungry all the time. I grunt as I walk over to
the fridge. I open it and pull out the leftover
Chinese food from the night before. I decide that I
am too lazy to warm it up so I start to eat it cold.
I walk out of the kitchen and into the entry way of
the house. I quickly run up the stairs and into my
room. I close the door and nearly kill myself over a
pile of clothes. I then realize that my room is a
mess. I kick the clothes out of my way and plop
onto my twin bed.
I yelp in pain and pull the remote to my TV out
from under me. I throw it across the room out of
irritation. As I continue eating my cold leftovers, I
replayed today’s events in my head…
I was sitting in the lunch room with my best friend,
Kyle. A typical lunch. He was on his laptop working
on a report for History and I was playing with an
apple, debating whether to eat it or not. Instead, I
set it on the table. I played with the angle of it for
awhile until I got it just right.
Then I grabbed my sketch pad out of my backpack
and began to sketch the apple. As I was outlining
the frame of the apple, I heard footsteps approach
the table. I figured it was one of Kyle’s nerdy
friends so I just continued sketching.
“That’s beautiful,” a voice said close behind me.
The voice made me drop my pencil and it rolled
under the table. My heart started to throb. Her
breath against my neck reminded me of our first
kiss. The pain in my chest grew.
Why today….why now, I thought to myself. I closed
my eyes and took a deep breath. I can’t just ignore
her, I instantly thought and slowly turned to face
her. Her short black hair, dark brown eyes, slim
figure, and beautiful pale skin smacked me in the
Ava, her name echoed inside my head. She’s really
standing in front of me. How long had it been, six
months? Maybe longer. “Thank you,” I quickly
replied so she didn’t think I was ignoring her. She
smiled her sweet, gingerly smile and slightly lifted
her shoulders.
“I’m surprised to see you sketching again,” she
said looking at my apple on the table, now lying on
its side. I hadn’t sketched or even touched my
sketch pad since after her and I separated. It feels
like its been years, yet it’s only been months.
“It’s been awhile Ava,” I finally said, staring at my
crooked apple. She was quiet for a moment and at
first, I thought she had walked away.
“Well, it was nice seeing you,” she finally said and
started to walk away. “Ava,” I called softly. She
stopped walking and faced me. I felt like this was
going to be the last time she’ll ever look my way.
“Yes Evan,” she replied. How nice it was to
hear her sweet voice say my name again. My
eyes met hers and I longed to hold her in my
arms again, one last time. “I miss you,” I said,
tears welling in my eyes. She looked away, her
eyes fighting tears as well. “I know,” she
whispered and quickly walked away.