I opened my eyes to a bright new day and stretched my legs. Looking up to see the busy streets of the city. I yawned, stood up, and walked over to the nearest puddle to look at my reflection. My black hair was unusually shiny today and my eyes extraordinarily green, which made me happy. I decided it was time to go on my way because people like me didn’t stay in one place very long so I didn’t have a very big chance of having a family to call my own, which was depressing, but I knew it was for the best. I mean no one would want a scroungy loser like me. I was a black cat. a shattered mirror. or a ladder on a sidewalk. Everyone avoided me sticking their noses in the air at me all the time . I didn’t mind much though, I was used to it. Me, myself, and I began to walk down the street dodging person after person till I soon came across what I was looking for. An amazing garbage deposit. It was behind a restaurant. One of my favorite places in the world. It always had the best food. Whilst I was stuffing my face with delicious half eaten hamburger I heard the backdoor slam open and someone began to yell.